Our Story

The Opening Chapter: Our Story

Michael Han, owner of The Wedding Ring Shop, felt that a ring was nothing more than a band with a diamond attached to it…until he lost his ring.

"I felt a part of me was taken away, part of my past, my persona. It seemed even my spiritual strength was compromised." When Michael lost his ring, he not only lost a material possession, an entire lifetime of cherished moments flashed before his eyes.

It's more than a ring. It's a promise. It's a dream. A hope. An opening chapter. It symbolizes something unfathomable — everlasting love.

The Wedding Ring Shop, started by 3rd generation Kamaaina Family, opened its doors in 1987 in the Ala Moana Center. After 20 years of providing legendary service, building and maintaining relationships, they’ve been able to open a flagship store. Han values the personal relationships he’s made over the years, focusing the design of the store with his customers in mind – with great care and aloha.