We have tremendous confidence in our diamonds, which is why we can offer a lifetime diamond upgrade.

The Wedding Ring Shop will give you full credit for the original purchase price of your center diamond at any time that you wish to trade it in towards the purchase of any diamond merchandise, provided the price of the new item or items is at least twice the original purchase price. Used settings or mountings will not be accepted as trade-ins.

With 10x the selection of diamonds, we’ll help you the perfect diamond for your style and budget.





Occasionally, the perfect piece of jewelry is outside of your immediate budget. The Wedding Ring Shop offers convenient financing through three third-party vendors. Each of these vendors offers financing plans that can be tailored to your individual needs.

Applying for financing takes only five minutes, with just a drivers license. All our vendors offer competitive interest rates, convenient monthly installments, and quick online payments.

12-month special financing. Offer subject to credit approval.

Contact The Wedding Ring Shop today to discuss financing options for the jewelry of your dreams.

Direct diamond importers

Direct diamond importers

Direct diamond importers

Direct diamond importers

The Wedding Ring Shop can offer exceptional diamond prices because of our reputation with the public, our standing with diamond manufacturers, and our discerning criteria.

With over 25 years in the diamond business and a longstanding tradition of excellence in Hawaii, The Wedding Ring Shop is known for our wide selection of engagement rings, wedding bands, and diamonds. Diamond manufacturers are equally aware of our reputation, bringing us the best quality diamonds at the best price for our astute customers.

Finally, our standards are higher than anyone else. We reject over 90% of the diamonds presented to us. Each diamond is personally inspected and assessed by our diamond buyers. This allows us to offer the best diamonds at the best price, with the service you deserve.





We will replace any diamond, which, through normal wear and tear separates from its mounting and is lost, with a diamond of equal retail value for your lifetime, provided the diamond and mounting have been cleaned and inspected at least every six months. The Wedding Ring shop will keep an electronic file of your clean and inspect record.

The Lifetime Warranty will be considered invalid should the purchaser have the ring worked on by any jeweler other than The Wedding Ring Shop. We may recommend replacing a prong and/or other parts of the mounting in order to eliminate the possibility of a loss of any diamond. In the event that such a repair of replacement is required, a nominal fee may be charged. The Lifetime Warranty does not cover accidental damage, loss, or theft of the diamond and mounting.

30-Day Returns

30-Day Returns

30-Day Returns

30-Day Returns

At The Wedding Ring Shop, we also have a generous refund and exchange policy. Merchandise in original condition may be returned for refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase with original receipt, unless marked otherwise. Any merchandise ordered, custom made, or altered at the customer's request is not returnable.

We take pride that our jewelry is produced with the highest standards of quality and excellence! We want to make sure that your purchase is just right for you.

Request an appointment

Request an appointment

Request an appointment

Request an appointment

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Engagement Ring Buying Guide: Top 10 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

Are you looking to purchase an engagement ring? Read our shopping guide on how to buy one, including what you should take into consideration beforehand, what you need to know to purchase, and how to find the perfect ring.

Are you looking to purchase an engagement ring? Read our shopping guide on how to buy one, including what you should take into consideration beforehand, what you need to know to purchase, and how to find the perfect ring.

Youíve finally reached the point in your relationship where youíre ready to pop the question. Whether youíve been planning this day for months or just a couple of days, the pressure is on. Sheíll tell the story of how you proposed for the rest of her life Ė down to the final details of where it happened, how you asked and every last happy tear that was shed.

After each rendition of that story, no matter how many years have passed, sheíll be asked to show the ring you slipped on her finger that day.

Before you head out to the jewelry store to buy this precious band of gold, it helps to know how to buy an engagement ring so you know youíre making the right choice. Fear not: Weíve created our own engagement ring buying guide to help you make the perfect choice.

Know Your Budget

In 2012, the global luxury market grew to $288 billion, according to the
Bain & Companyís 2014 Global Diamond Industry Report. However, big numbers donít have to weigh down your decision. The unofficial rules of how much someone should spend on an engagement ring vary from one to three months of your salary, all the way to just spending the national average of about $4,000.

Your soon-to-be fiancťe will be wearing this ring the rest of her life, so you donít want to go on the cheap end, but you should also keep in mind what you can afford. No one wants to worry about paying off an engagement ring years down the road. So, when you step into the store, know how much you want to spend.

If a ring starts to threaten the chance of you being able to pay your rent, thatís a red flag. Back away from the diamond. You also might want to keep any future financial goals in mind. Do you think you and your fiancťe will want a big wedding? Will you be planning on buying your first home right away? Do you plan on taking on any other debt in the near future?

Make sure you are open with the jeweler about what you can afford. In most cases, a jeweler will only show you engagement rings within your budget, so you wonít be tempted to go home and sell all of your belongings.

Find Her Ring Size

When you walk into the store, there are some basic things you need to keep in mind so you wonít end up turning around and walking out in two minutes flat. Before you walk in, know her ring size. This can be a tricky little detail to nail down if you donít want to come right out and ask her about it. 17_5

Sneak into her jewelry box and grab a couple of rings that she wonít notice missing for the afternoon. The jeweler can measure the rings and youíll have a pretty good idea of what size of engagement ring to buy. If you donít have access to her jewelry box, ask her sisters or a girlfriend who can help keep it a secret.

Thereís not much worse than getting proposed to and not being able to wear the ring because it doesnít fit. The two weeks or so it takes to get it resized can be agonizing for a newly engaged woman. Itís not as much fun to brag about the romantic engagement if thereís not a ring to show off.

Remember the Four Cs

Unless youíve overheard your girlfriend sit around the brunch table and gab with her friends about the perfect ring, youíve probably never heard of the four Cs. Thatís OK. Itís all right here in this guide.

These four magic words are cut, clarity, color and carat.

Cut determines the shape of the diamond, but also the quality at which it sparkles and shines. The variety of shapes include round, pear, radiant, heart, cushion, princess and many others.

Clarity refers to the diamondís imperfections, or as jewelers call them, inclusions. Youíll find everything from F, for flawless, to I3, for the most inclusions. Donít worry about this area too much, though, as most imperfections canít be seen by the naked eye. So when sheís showing off that ring, no one will notice the tiny deposits hidden under that sparkle.

Color in a white Ė or what youíre commonly familiar with as a clear Ė diamond can range from colorless to a bit of yellow. Diamond scores of D, E and F will be the clearest, with the next level being G, H, I and J. The most amount of color is found in a Z grade diamond. Similar to clarity, the untrained, naked eye will not be able to pick up on many differences between the grades.

Carat is the weight of a diamond. Most engagement rings are a bit over one carat. Whatever size you choose, this part will have a lot to do with how much money you spend. Steer clear of anything near the size of the 530.2 carats Cullinan diamond, which will cost you about $400 million.

You might want to bookmark this page so you can refer to it once youíre standing at the jewelry counter and are suddenly overwhelmed by the diamond sparkling in the case. In that moment, itís easy to forget the four Cs.

Find the Right Engagement Setting

Nope, weíre not talking about a setting for your wedding. Thatís a little early in the game. Once you have the right diamond, youíve got to pick the ring to put it on. You might be a little surprised to know you actually have to make a decision when it comes to the band. Donít worry — itís not that difficult.

There are some basics when it comes to the engagement setting, mostly when it comes to choosing the right metal. There are the traditional yellow and white gold, but there are also rose gold and platinum options. The benefits of each are a little different.

Platinum is durable and will hold up well over time. Platinum jewelry has a white shine that is tough to find in other white metals. Itís easiest to see the difference when platinum is next to the other options. Itís also a nice option because itís hypoallergenic. Some people get rashes from wearing gold, nickel or silver, but donít have any reaction to platinum. 17_3

If youíre thinking of getting a more traditional, gold setting, there are a variety of options. White gold gives off the lighter color and shine. White gold rings are plated with rhodium. This plating is hypoallergenic and helps protect the precious metal underneath. The rhodium plating will wear down over time, so a re-plating process will be required to restore the shine and luster.

Yellow gold and rose gold also are distinct options for a band. A mixture of gold, copper and silver creates the signature look found in these rings. The color and hardness of the band will vary on your carat choice.

While your girlfriend might not care too much about the type of metal, sheíll care about how it looks. The classic choice is typically gold, although the color varies on her personal taste.

Know What She Wants

If you have been planning to propose for any amount of time, youíve probably perked up to any discussion of jewelry. When youíre ready to shop, you probably want to have a few basic ideas in mind, such as whether or not she likes yellow or white gold. Try to think of any particular cut of diamond she might prefer, or if she even wants a diamond at all. Some women prefer pearl engagement rings or even colored gems over the traditional diamond.

Sometimes the best people to get engagement ring buying tips from are her friends or female family members. Believe it or not, your girlfriend probably has talked to other people about this. Sheís likely seen the rings of other engaged girlfriends and chimed in about how beautiful they looked. In most cases, she and her friends have spoken to some extent about what they want when it comes time for each of them to get married. Tap into this bank of knowledge. If you want to keep it a surprise from everyone, be prepared to do some snooping and listen closely for hints.

Being Creative Doesnít Have to Be Expensive

Sometimes women like a ring that is all their own. Itís customized so that the ring they wear on their finger is one of a kind. While the whole idea of designing your own ring can start the ca-ching of a cash register, it doesnít necessarily mean expensive. Maybe youíve seen a band you really like, but the diamond is all wrong. Perhaps you want to add different stones around the solitaire. Whatever it is, donít be afraid to ask.

If youíre using an old family ring but want to dress it up, there are many options out there for adding diamonds, replacing an engagement setting or doing a variety of touch-ups. Something old can be made into something new without breaking the bank.

Jewelers want to make you a happy shopper. From their perspective, an engagement ring is just the beginning. If they can create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring for you, youíll likely be back for your wedding bands. So feel comfortable in telling them exactly what you want. Theyíll be happy to help.

Think Ahead

With wedding bands in mind, itís a good idea to think ahead when buying an engagement ring. Does the engagement ring go well with a variety of wedding band options?

If your budget is limited now, but you hope to upgrade for a special anniversary, let your jeweler know thatís something you have in mind. He or she can then guide you to find something that would work well as an upgrade item later down the road.What she wears might also have a great deal to do with what youíll wear, especially if you want to match. So, if youíre buying her a two-tone yellow and white gold ring, keep in mind you might be wearing something similar.

Show Interest When Shopping Together

If buying the engagement ring is less of a surprise and you and your girlfriend decide to shop together, show some interest. Just because sheís there, getting all googly-eyed as she looks into the jewelry case, doesnít mean you can sit back and let her do her thing.

When shopping together, itís good to choose a budget point together. You donít want her to eye up the $10,000 rings when youíre learning more toward the $2,000 versions. Be honest with each other about what you both want and what you can afford.

This is just one of the many decisions youíll have to make together as a couple. When it comes to choosing a mortgage or picking out baby names, you likely wonít be checking sports scores on your phone or scrolling through Twitter. Take engagement ring shopping just as seriously.

Get Some Insurance for Your Bling

Youíre probably going to be carrying this thing around in your pocket or hiding it in your underwear drawer for the next few weeks until youíre ready to ask her to marry you. The worst possible thing would be to lose it or have it damaged, leaving you out of luck and money.

Check with your homeownerís or renterís insurance to see if you can add the value of the ring to your policy. Some of those policies only cover the ring if itís lost or damaged in a fire or natural disaster. So if you lose the ring because it ran through the washing machine at the Laundromat, you wonít get very far.

You also can get actual-value insurance policies, but keep in mind that if the ring is lost or damaged 20 years from now, the policy will deduct wear-and-tear estimates. So, if you paid $3,000 for the ring, you might only get $1,500 for it.

Replacement insurance policies will honor the value of the jewelry, even accounting for market value of gold and the diamond. If itís lost or damaged, you could potentially get more than you shelled out for it originally.

Whatever type of insurance you choose, ask your jeweler for advice on different insurance companies theyíve worked with in the past.

When in Doubt, Seek Advice

Buying an engagement ring is a big deal, so itís OK if you feel a little intimidated going for it on your own. If youíre not sure you want to shop on your own, but you donít want to let your girlfriend in on your plans, ask a buddy who has already gone through this process to tag along.

Heís probably already had all the same thoughts and nervous questions running through his brain Ė and yet he somehow pulled it off. You can, too. Engaged and married friends are good to keep around for times like this. In all likelihood, youíll call on the same buddy to chime in on wedding-planning advice later down the road.

Youíve Got the Girl, Now Get the Ring


Once youíve figured out your budget, checked off all the must-know details and created a vision for what the engagement ring will look like, youíre ready to shop, thanks to the help of this engagement ring shopping guide. Explore all the style options and be sure to contact a jeweler who will
help guide you through the process. Congratulations on finding the woman of your dreams Ė now go and find her the perfect ring.


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