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Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Diamond

Learn everything you need to know about choosing a loose diamond. Discover our tips for securing the most elegant stone for your engagement ring.

Choosing a diamond that will represent your love forever can at times feel like a daunting task, but it should be a celebratory, joyful quest. You don’t need gemological training with in-depth knowledge of diamond intricacies to choose a beautiful diamond, but it helps to talk with someone who does. In order to pick a diamond center stone start by educating yourself on the basics first, then determine the factors that matter most to find the perfect stone for you. Let us help you find your diamond!

Set A Budget

There are many options to consider when determining your diamond budget. You need to ask yourself—how much money will I need to spend on the setting vs. the diamond center stone? Well, the diamond certainly depends on a variety of factors:

  • Carat weight is the main influence on the price of a diamond
  • The sliding scale of the rest of the 4C's including cut, color, and clarity can make a major difference
  • Certification and insurance are potential additional costs

High-quality diamonds can come at a premium price, but you don’t need to break the bank in order to purchase a gorgeous diamond to complement your engagement ring. Keep in mind you are not looking for a flawless diamond, which would be ridiculously expensive, the goal is to choose the highest quality diamond within your budget for the best value. 

The 4 C’s of Diamonds

The first place to start when deciding on a diamond is with a basic understanding of the four C’s—cut, color, clarity, and carat. Each of these four characteristics helps define what a diamond has to offer.

The cut of a diamond refers to its shape, like round, oval, and emerald, as well as its technical proportions, symmetry, and facet placement. A diamond's color is essentially the absence of color within the diamond, where most prefer a diamond as close to "colorless" as possible. The clarity points to internal and external flaws, usually only visible under a microscope. Lastly, the carat is a unit of measurement that describes the weight of a diamond.

To stay within a budget, you might consider compromising on one characteristic in favor of another. For example, you might decide to select a slightly lesser clarity or color grade of the diamond to help keep the ring within range, especially when some differences are often not visible to the naked eye. 

If you need some guidance in this area, it can be helpful to talk with a trained professional like the diamond experts here at The Wedding Ring Shop. The diamond grading system allows clear and measurable differences between top-rated and bottom-rated diamonds, but to find what matters most to you—let us guide you through the process. We can show you all the sparkling possibilities within any price range.

Consider Her Style

Buying the perfect diamond means selecting the highest quality stone in a shape and style that reflects your bride-to-be’s personality. Take the time to consider if your significant other ever mentioned what diamond shapes she prefers. If not, ask friends or family members. You may even look at examples of the rings she currently has in her collection to see how her preference trends. Conducting this type of detective work will help ensure you are choosing the right diamond that she will wear proudly for decades to come. 

Lifetime Diamond Upgrade with The Wedding Ring Shop

At The Wedding Ring Shop, you can find a variety of beautiful certified diamonds, which include a lifetime diamond upgrade. With 25 years in the diamond business, we have become well-known for our exceptional diamond prices. After personally inspecting and assessing each diamond, our diamond buyers typically reject over 90% of the diamonds presented to us. Our partnerships allow us to import the highest quality diamonds at the best prices. 

With 10x the typical selection of diamonds, we will help you find the perfect diamond for your style and budget. Stop by our showroom in Honolulu, Hawaii, or schedule an appointment for a diamond consultation. 


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