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Help Make Dreams Come True!

Looking for a respectful and compassionate work environment where you can learn, grow and thrive?

Here at The Wedding Ring Shop, we take pride in our people. We think it's important that our employees enjoy coming to work, and we believe in promoting a healthy work-life balance.

We allow for a flexible and stable schedule, so that you can spend time with your family and friends. And we offer seriously competitive compensation and a fully paid benefits package, so that you can have the security and peace of mind needed to enjoy life to the fullest.



WANTED: Sales Consultant

We're seeking a top-notch sales consultant. Would you like to work in our beautiful and luxurious environment with friendly customers who rely on your advice and recommendations? If you’re looking to move your career to an entirely new level, while getting the opportunity to work for one of ‘Hawaii’s Best Places to Work,’ click the button below:

Sales Consultant Position

If the idea of having greater customer impact, improving your personal income, and working in a luxurious and friendly setting seems too good to be true, don’t take our word for it. Take a look at the many articles that have been written about us, or walk into our store and check us out first-hand!



The Top Ten Reasons To Work For The Wedding Ring Shop

  1. The Bottom-line ($$)- We want to make sure that we are offering better-than-competitive wages to our employees. Why? Because the people we hire and choose to work here are the best and we want their paychecks to reflect that. We do extensive market research on each of our positions to ensure that we beat the high-end averages by a substantial margin.
  2. Peace of Mind- we offer an excellent health insurance package at no cost to our employees. That means that you pay nothing for our comprehensive UHA 3000 plan, which includes medical, dental, vision and drug coverage. In addition, after a year of employment, you have the option of enrolling in our Flex Spending Plan.
  3. Planning for Your Future- Your future security is important and we want to support you in planning for it. Most companies offer 401K programs these days, and many even offer matching programs in which the company will contribute a percent of what you put into your account. The Wedding Ring Shop does all of that (we match 4% of your 401K contributions), but then we take it further. We offer Profit Sharing-- when the company makes money, so do you, in the form of an additional contribution to your 401K. In addition, we have employed a prestigious financial planning agency to act as your personal financial advisors. They are at your disposal to help with all financial planning decisions, even in areas unrelated to your 401K, like personal assets and investments. Spend as much time with them as you like- there will be no cost to you.
  4. Work/Life Balance- We love to come to work. We really do-- you can feel it when you come into our store. But that doesn’t mean we want to work all the time. We live in Hawaii! We want to swim, hike, see our families, binge-watch our favorite shows. That’s what we want for you, too. Let’s face it-- when you work in retail, you usually have to accept a tough schedule… different days off every week, late shifts followed by early shifts, and never knowing when you can make plans because the schedule hasn’t come out yet. Not here. We are lucky to have our own building and to be a privately-owned family business. Our hours are not dictated by a mall or corporate office. Our store is open 10:30 am - 7:00 pm every day and closes early on Sundays. No 11:00 pm shifts. No 7:00 am shifts. Your hours will be reasonable and your days off will usually be the same every week, so you can make plans. And we close the store on major holidays, so you can spend those important days with your friends and family.
  5. Treat Yourself- Love jewelry, but think you can’t afford it? With our employee discount, you can. We want our employees to love our merchandise. We want to make it possible for you to own it and wear it proudly. We offer substantial discounts to our WRS ohana, to help make diamonds a part of your life. We also offer lesser discounts to your friends and family, because we know you will want to advise them to come and purchase their jewelry from your place of work. And rest assured, when you send your friends and family to us, they will receive the legendary Wedding Ring Shop VIP treatment.
  6. Give Back to Your Community- The Wedding Ring Shop is a family-owned company that serves the people of Hawaii. Our marketing is targeted to locals because we want to create long-term relationships. In addition, we support our community by giving to important charity organizations, such as the The American Heart Association, The AIDS Foundation, and the Transition House for Women. Every year, our employees participate in the AHA Heart Walk and the AIDS Walk to show our support for these amazing organizations. Have an organization that you want to support? Just ask! We love it when our employees take in interest in helping others and we are happy to join in.
  7. A Real Ohana- although The Wedding Ring Shop is a successful and growing company, our staff is still fairly small. With just under 25 people, we are considered a small company. In addition, we work in an open-office environment… there are no doors between us. So, we’re close. We chat while we’re working, we share jokes and lunches, we poke fun (nicely, of course). We spend a lot of time together and we feel like family. Ask any of us why we like to work here. You’ll probably get the same answer from everyone… it’s the people!
  8. Workplace Culture- Many companies talk about missions and visions and core values. In many cases, the employees of those companies can’t tell you what that vision is or what those values are. Come visit our store and ask any employee what our core values are. They will be able to tell you because we don’t just put them on a wall and bring them up once a year. We talk about them all the time. Seriously. We discuss what each one means, how we can better embody it, why it’s so important, and how it contributes to our culture. We expect people here to treat each other well, to embrace the opportunity of constructive conflict, to go above and beyond, and to be caring and compassionate to everyone they encounter. If someone stumbles, we help them get back on track right away with coaching and support. Our culture is real, and it’s awesome.
  9. You’ll Learn So Much- One of the principles we hold in highest regard is the pursuit of lifelong learning. We want our employees to grow not just professionally, but personally. How do we make sure that happens? We develop training. We send our people to classes, seminars and certifications, and even to the mainland to vendor universities. We invite them to take personal development courses and we set aside a budget every year for employee learning. This learning isn’t just for the sake of education, though. It’s because we want our employees to grow with the company, get promoted, take higher positions, and lead our organization to greater and greater success. We love to see an entry-level employee blossom, learn and grow into leadership. So we help that happen any way we can.
  10. The Happiest Place on Earth- This is the most important piece of all. We work with people during the best times of their lives. They’re happy and in love and that energy is contagious. We build long-term relationships with our customers and we get to share in their joys and milestones. The products we provide-- the finest quality diamonds and bridal jewelry-- are the most significant and symbolic purchases of someone’s life. Every day, for the rest of their lives, your customers will look down at their hands and remember how you helped them make life’s most special promise. Working with happy and inspired people is the best aspect of being part of the Wedding Ring Shop ohana!

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