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Custom Engagement Rings in Honolulu, HI

Don’t settle for an engagement ring that doesn’t encompass all of the characteristics you want in a piece of jewelry. Instead, bring your unique vision to life with a custom engagement ring. At The Wedding Ring Shop in Honolulu HI, we have a team of talented jewelry designers and diamond experts ready to walk you through the process of designing a custom engagement ring. Personalize every component of your engagement ring, from the accent stones and engraving to the coordinating wedding bands.


Start by browsing our website or in-store selection for design ideas. Explore different engagement ring styles, new trends, and our vast selection of beautiful gemstones and diamonds. Share your ideas with an associate and begin your design planning.


With a large selection of graded diamonds and colored gemstones, you’ll have ample opportunity to find the perfect center for your engagement ring. Diamonds are characterized by their color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.

Cut is one of the most important aspects of a diamond as it has the greatest influence on its sparkle. Color refers to a diamond’s level of tint. The more transparent a diamond is, the higher its grade. Carat represents a diamond’s weight, not its size. Diamond clarity is the assessment of minor imperfections internally and on the surface.


The metal you choose for the band should complement and enhance the diamond or gemstone. Gold is a traditional option and a versatile choice for bridal jewelry. The most popular choices include yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Silver and platinum custom engagement ringsare also stunning options. The white metal showcases the natural brilliance of diamonds.


After reviewing and finalizing your design, you can place your order. Unlike other jewelry stores, we aim to build and maintain relationships with our customers by providing impeccable customer service. Visit us today to get started with your custom order.


The Wedding Ring Shop

1181 Kapiolani Blvd

Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

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