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A Guide to Finding the Perfect Wedding Band

Finding the right wedding band is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. With a little knowledge and passion, you can find a stunning ring that you will love for a lifetime.

Nothing compares to the excitement of setting out on a brand-new adventure with the most important person in your world. We believe in commemorating the experience with a wedding band worthy of a place on her finger for the rest of your lives together, and we’ve got plenty of expert advice on just how to narrow down the millions of options on the table before you both.

At the end of the day, nobody knows your beloved better than you do, meaning that you will need to streamline your search with his or her profession, hobbies, and overall lifestyle in mind. Choosing a ring that fits well under all three categories need not come at the cost of style or budget - we’re here to help you strike a balance, and look damn good doing it.

The Perfect Precious Metal

First and foremost: the construction and composition of the ring itself. These two factors will be paramount in determining price and imposition on day-to-day activities. The old favorites, gold, especially the eternally coveted rose gold wedding band, and platinum, will, naturally, be two of the first choices you will come across.

For those seeking a slightly less expensive engagement ring, however, some will be pleased to hear that they are not the only two contenders; slightly less common but no less fabulous alternatives include carbon, tungsten, and titanium, depending on one’s preferred look. For a woman who works with her hands regularly, a less intrusive piece, such as an eternity wedding band, brings with it plenty of sparkle without pedestalled elements, such as cathedral settings, that send to catch and snag.

Choosing Between Beloved Designers

Once the type of ring best-suited to your partner has been identified, the real fun can begin. With as many different designers on the market as there are brides and grooms to patronize their wares, choosing one to take home is nothing more than a matter of stumbling across the one for you.

For the working gentleman, especially those interested in something a bit more rugged and durable, CrownRing’s wedding bands for men offer a practical combination of quality construction and fabulously clean design. Tacori and Michael M, being two of our most-asked-for in bridal jewelry, specialize in appealing to women of all walks of life. The modern wedding bands they produce are both affordable and timeless.

Trust the Experts at The Wedding Ring Shop

Staying well-informed on the who’s who and the what’s what in the world of bridal jewelry is the surest path to finding the wedding band of your partner’s dreams. As an authorized retailer of a dozen of the industry’s most prolific name-brand wedding band designers, our jewelry store is more than capable of carrying the reputation we’ve spent the last thirty years earning in the hearts of our extended family. Choosing the right wedding ring may seem like a daunting task, but, with the help of our certified team, the answers you seek are all brought readily within reach. For bridal jewelry in Honolulu and more, The Wedding Ring Shop is never more than a phone call away.


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