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Tacori Engagement Rings in Hawaii
Tacori Engagement Rings in Hawaii
Tacori Engagement Rings in Hawaii

TACORI Jewelry




It is our pleasure to showcase a large selection of the truly exquisite collections from world-renowned design house TACORI at The Wedding Ring Shop. Founded in 1969, TACORI has masterfully intertwined European craftsmanship with the fresh aesthetic of Californian design. Today, this brand stands as a beacon of luxury bridal jewelry. Their designs, inspired by the mesmerizing California coastline, radiate effortless elegance. Be it timeless engagement rings or enchanting fashion jewelry, every piece of jewelry by TACORI is a testament to love and refinement. We warmly invite you to discover the unparalleled beauty of TACORI within our curated collection.

Popular TACORI Jewelry

In our inventory here at The Wedding Ring Shop, TACORI bridal jewelry occupies a special place, embodying a harmonious blend of intricate artistry and relaxed sophistication. A standout feature of TACORI's designs is the signature crescent—a delicate pattern etched onto each ring, showcasing their unmatched attention to detail. Ranging from understated elegance to the lavish allure of collections like RoyalT, TACORI engagement rings and diamond wedding bands captivate with their balance of opulence and simplicity. Even their boldest designs are rooted in a subtle refinement, ensuring that there's a TACORI piece for every discerning taste.

Our selection of TACORI fashion jewelry is a testament to the designer’s exceptional artistry and innovation. Beyond their renowned bridal collections, TACORI's fashion pieces dazzle with glittering gemstones in a spectrum of vibrant colors. Each piece is a canvas, where intricate metal craftsmanship meets the luminosity of amethysts, sapphires, and a myriad of other radiant gemstones. Signature details, such as their iconic crescent design, also adorn many of their fashion jewelry collections, reflecting TACORI's commitment to distinction and a succinct vision. Every item in their fashion collection exhibits wonderfully detailed designs, making each TACORI piece not just a fashionable accessory, but a work of art.

Discover TACORI at The Wedding Ring Shop

We proudly invite our cherished customers to explore the unmatched elegance of bridal and fashion jewelry by the esteemed designer TACORI at our Honolulu, Hawaii jewelry store. As purveyors of "Hawaii's Most Beautiful Diamonds," The Wedding Ring Shop proudly presents a curated selection of TACORI's intricate designs that blend classic allure with modern sophistication. Beyond our inventory of designer jewelry, we're also thrilled to offer custom jewelry design, to bring your unique visions to life. To fully immerse yourself in the TACORI experience and explore our treasures, we invite you to request an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our dedicated team members. Your journey to timeless elegance awaits.