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In this video series, we are discussing the “four C’s:” cut, carat, clarity, and color. These categories are a gemologist’s standard for judging the quality of a diamond. Today, we are going over the color of a diamond and how it impacts the jewel’s overall grade.

Most people imagine diamonds to be colorless, but that’s not actually true. A majority of diamonds naturally have a slight tint of color, typically a subtle shade of yellow or brown. Their depth of color can vary strongly, however. This is known as the “normal color range” or, more technically, the “D to Z range.”

D-colored diamonds are colorless and more valuable than other shades, while Z-diamonds have a deeper hue and are less valuable. Note that the latter can be either yellow or brown. Despite being less popular and valuable, many prefer the warm unique color of a yellow diamond.

While it’s important to know the four C’s and how they affect an engagement ring, choose the diamond that you enjoy the most. No matter what you prefer, you will find Hawaii’s Most Beautiful Diamonds at The Wedding Ring Shop.