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close up image of a hand wearing an oval cut diamond engagement ring surrounded by greenery

Guide to Fancy Shaped Diamonds

At The Wedding Ring Shop in Hawaii, we delight in the artistry and sophistication of fancy shaped diamonds. Unlike their traditional round-cut counterparts, these enchanting gems boast a variety of rare forms such as oval, marquise, pear, and the captivating heart shape. These shapes are referred to as 'fancy' due to their departure from time-honored looks, showcasing innovative design and striking allure. They offer a perfect blend of timeless elegance and distinctive style, making them a popular choice for those seeking something that makes a statement. We're proud to offer an exquisite selection of both fancy shaped diamond engagement rings and loose fancy shaped diamonds, allowing you the chance to express your individuality. Embrace the extraordinary with the diverse, stunning range available at The Wedding Ring Shop.


With a blend of elegance and contemporary style, the princess cut captures hearts with its brilliance and symmetry. This cut, distinguished by its distinctive square shape and sharp, uncut corners, came into prominence in the 1960s. With an average of 58 facets, it reflects light beautifully, rivaling even the classic round cut in its radiance. What sets the princess cut apart is its versatility and modern flair, making it a perfect choice for those drawn to a blend of traditional and contemporary aesthetics. The clean lines and geometric simplicity of the princess cut diamond appeals to individuals who appreciate modernity, while its high degree of brilliance satisfies lovers of classic sparkle. If you're someone who cherishes unique beauty without compromising on tradition, a princess cut diamond ring could be your ideal match.

an emerald cut engagement ring flanked by two alternate views of the same emerald cut diamond


With an elegance rooted in simplicity and symmetry, the emerald cut diamond is a testament to understated beauty. This cut offers a window into the soul of the diamond, thanks to its large, open table and step-like facets, which can range from 50 to 58. Originating in the 1500s and perfected in the Art Deco period, the emerald cut is one of the earliest diamond shapes, celebrated for its clean lines and sophisticated allure. Those who value a minimalist, yet striking aesthetic will be drawn to this cut. Emerald cut diamonds suit those who appreciate the innate beauty of a diamond's clarity, and it lends itself beautifully to both contemporary and traditional settings.


Exuding a captivating blend of round and emerald cut styles, radiant cut diamonds are a stellar choice for the modern gem connoisseur. Introduced in the 1970s, this versatile cut boasts an impressive 70 facets, maximizing its fire and brilliance. The radiant cut is cherished for its special combination of depth, clarity, and sparkle, which is a testament to its beveled corners and meticulously cut facets. While possessing the vivacious sparkle of a round cut, it also reflects the chic elegance of an emerald cut, creating a magnificent balance. It's a cut well suited for those who appreciate both traditional elegance and contemporary aesthetics. For those whose taste leans towards standout brilliance and a modern geometric design, the radiant cut offers the best of both worlds.

a cushion cut engagement ring flanked by two views of the same cushion cut diamond


Capturing the romance of yesteryears, cushion cut diamonds have enjoyed more than a century's worth of popularity. With a distinctive square to rectangular shape softened by rounded corners, this cut earns its name from its pillow-like appearance. This charming diamond can possess between 58 and 64 facets, depending on its specific variation, offering a delightful display of light and brilliance. For those enchanted by a vintage aesthetic and craving a stone that exudes warmth and romance, the cushion cut is an ideal choice. Its allure lies in its enduring elegance, appealing to those with a penchant for classics, but still yearn for a touch of individuality.


With an elegance that transcends time, the oval cut stands out with its elongated shape and stunning brilliance. Born in the 1960s, this cut offers a delightful twist on the traditional round brilliant, typically boasting 56 to 58 facets. The refined symmetry and distinctive elliptical shape create a captivating dance of light. The oval cut appeals to those with an eye for grace and charm, putting a twist on classic elegance. Its elongated silhouette can also give a subtle illusion of greater size and can flatter the hand of its wearer, making it a favorite among those seeking a combination of sophistication and flattering design.

an oval cut engagement ring flanked by two views of the same oval cut diamond
two alternate views of the same marquise cut loose diamond


An infusion of history and elegance comes to life in the form of marquise cut diamonds. The lineage of this exquisite cut traces back to the 18th century, commissioned by King Louis XV of France who desired a gem that resembled the lips of his beloved, Marquise de Pompadour. Its elongated, curved shape, typically with 58 facets, creates a larger surface area, offering the illusion of greater size. In addition to its royal heritage, the marquise cut is renowned for the depth of its fire and brilliance. Those who favor a fusion of tradition and individuality will find the marquise cut diamond compelling. Its distinctive shape also serves to elongate the finger, similar to the oval or emerald cuts, making it both a beautiful and flattering choice. Dive into the allure of our marquise cut diamond collection and let a piece of history grace your hand.


Symbolizing love and romance like no other, the heart cut diamond is an expressive choice. This enchanting shape, typically boasting between 56 and 58 facets, requires expert craftsmanship to perfect its symmetrical lobes and cleft. While its origin is not specifically recorded, it has been linked to the 16th century, in which Mary Queen of Scots famously gifted a heart-shaped diamond ring. Perfectly fitting those who embrace sentimentality and symbolism, the heart cut diamond carries an unspoken message of love and devotion. Its distinctiveness makes it a favorite among people looking to step outside the traditional realm. For an engagement ring with a dash of romance or a piece of jewelry that communicates a powerful sentiment, look no further than heart cut diamonds.

a heart shaped diamond necklace lying in front of a blue gift box
a man’s hand holding a woman’s, who is wearing a pear shaped diamond ring

Discover Beautiful Diamonds at The Wedding Ring Shop

The Wedding Ring Shop is proud to be home to "Hawaii's Most Beautiful Diamonds." Our Honolulu jewelry store is a treasure trove of exquisite diamond engagement rings and loose diamonds. Each piece in our collection is a testament to the art of diamond cutting, showcasing gems in a myriad of captivating shapes and styles. From the timeless elegance of round cuts to the distinctive charm of marquise, princess, heart, and oval cuts, our selection is bound to have the perfect diamond that embodies your unique love story. Each diamond we offer is meticulously chosen for its brilliance and quality, resonating with our commitment to provide only the best for our valued clients. To truly experience the sparkle and allure of our diamonds, we invite you to schedule an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our knowledgeable team members. Let us guide you through the journey of choosing a diamond that will shine for a lifetime.