Why Upgrade Your Wedding Band?

Here at The Wedding Ring Shop, we’re a big believer in a gorgeous wedding band—and our confidence in their beauty comes through in our name! A wedding band is a treasure that reflects passion, commitment, and grace, and for many people, a wedding ring is a thing of permanence. Of course, we also know that many of our customers also want to browse for new wedding bands when their tastes or their situations in life change. At The Wedding Ring Shop, we’re always thrilled to help our customers upgrade to a new wedding band that better reflects the commitment they share with their partner.

How to Upgrade Your Wedding Band

Upgrading your wedding band is as simple as visiting our showroom. When you stop by, you’ll see collections of wedding bands from the top designers in the industry. If you’re searching for a new wedding band that’s rich with color, you can turn to designers like Kirk Kara, whose Angelique and Charlotte collections use colored stones like tsavorite, pink diamond, and sapphire to add a rainbow of tropical hues to your hand. Alternatively, if you’re looking to add more diamond luxury to your wedding bands, you may appreciate the Tacori Adoration collection. Carats of diamonds are arranged in exuberant bunting, curves of platinum adding to the overall beauty of the bands.

For something novel, you may like upgrading to the modern excellence of the Carlex G1, G2, or G3 collections. Inspired by watch design, Carlex wedding bands take elements from watch bracelets and bezels to make 18k gold bands. The addition of pave-set diamonds only adds to the overall stylishness of these pieces; pave-set diamonds also make an appearance in the Hearts on Fire Copley collection. The sculptural grace of Copley bands also expresses itself in multi-tone gold and unique bezel settings that our customers adore.

Why Shop at The Wedding Ring Shop?

When you’re looking to upgrade your wedding band, there’s no better place to go than The Wedding Ring Shop. Since 1987, The Wedding Ring Shop has been a fixture of the Honolulu bridal jewelry market, and every year, we strive to discover new designers and new collections to impress our customers’ tastes. Also, our staff is skilled in the art of pairing brides and grooms with the right piece for them. Whether that comes in the form of a designer band or a custom piece, we’re always ready to help! If you’d like to know more about upgrading your wedding band, don’t hesitate to contact us at our Honolulu, Hawaii showroom today at 1 (808) 400-6781!