Guide to Sterling Silver Jewelry

Introduction to Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver provides a sophisticated and refined aesthetic, owing to its understated but gorgeous silver sheen. It is not pure - sometimes called "fine" - silver, however. It is, in fact, an alloy. Sterling silver is composed of exactly 92.5% silver, with the rest being a mix of copper, nickel, and other metals. This is for a variety of reasons, as the combination allows for many desirable qualities that make sterling silver perfect for jewelry. This versatile alloy has been around for centuries, and luxury jewelry designers continue to create many marvelous, innovative pieces with this celebrated material. 

Why Sterling Silver?

What separates sterling silver from fine silver is its durability. By itself, silver is soft and delicate. It is very hard to make into fashionable designs and will likely incur damage under any significant amount of pressure. It is quite valuable, however, so it is often used in a bullion form to trade currency. Regardless, the addition of stronger metals like copper makes it much easier to shape into a strong, long-lasting piece of jewelry. This does not come without its consequences, as sterling silver can tarnish. Sterling silver jewelry must be cleaned regularly.

Caring for Sterling Silver

Over time, sterling silver jewelry can lose its reflective sheen, becoming dull and cloudy. Luckily, there are ways to prevent this. At The Wedding Ring Shop, we offer a professional jewelry cleaning service to ensure that your jewelry reaches its maximum beauty potential. If you would rather do it at home, there are yet more options. There are plenty of cleaning solutions available from reputable companies. Make sure to follow their directions closely. For an at-home solution, baking soda is a great option. Just mix the powder with water, make a paste, rub it gently on the surface of the piece, and rinse.

Find Sterling Silver Jewelry at The Wedding Ring Shop

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