Choosing The Color Scheme For Your Wedding

March 1st, 2018

You have your beautiful new diamond engagement ring and have announced your plans to get married. Now, the real fun (and work) begin! While there's lots to do and you may want to enlist the help of a wedding planner, what color scheme will make your big day perfect? There are several factors to consider, and the colors you choose will set the mood for the most special day in your life. As providers of exquisite, high quality wedding rings from the most trusted designers, we have a few tips to help make it easier.

color-paint-palette-wall-painting (1)

1. Complement Your Wedding Venue

Think about the venue you've chosen. Whether it's a church, the beach, or an old country cottage, it's important to think about the colors and tones that already exist (such as rugs, carpet, walls, furnishings, etc.), as you don't want the colors you choose for your wedding to compete or 'clash' with the colors around you. Try to find a color scheme that complements the venue.

2. Start with Your Favorite Color(s)

What colors are you drawn to? This is a fairly easy one. Most women know their favorite colors, and if you aren't sure, you can look around at the colors used in decorating your home and those in your wardrobe; you'll no doubt notice that a few colors seem to be your favorites.

3. Get Color Inspiration From Bridal Magazines and Websites

Browse magazines and the web. You can get lots of ideas by looking through bridal magazines and browsing Pinterest! When you come across colors, prints, and patterns you love, be sure to keep them on file, whether in a physical wedding binder or digitally or on your laptop/tablet.

4. Build the Color Scheme with This 1+2 Formula

Choose one dominant color and one or two accents. Most brides choose a central theme color and one or two accent colors to make the color scheme a bit richer and less bland.


Keep in mind the color scheme will impact every detail, from the bridesmaids? dresses and flower arrangements, to the napkins and even your signature drinks! Let your special day be filled with those colors that inspire you and create the perfect atmosphere for everyone who attends.