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Customizing Your Ring at the Wedding Ring Shop

Your wedding rings are a symbol of the everlasting love between you and your future spouse. They should reflect what make your relationship unique and extraordinary.

Your wedding rings are a symbol of the everlasting love between you and your future spouse. They should reflect what make your relationship unique and extraordinary. From personalized engraving to the creation of completely custom pieces, your wedding ring design presents an exclusive opportunity to signify what's meaningful to you both.

Since your wedding bands will adorn your fingers forever, they should be as meaningful in the years to come as the day you take your vows.


There are several reasons why couples customize their wedding bands. For example, couples planning a destination wedding in Hawaii can make their big day even more special with customized jewelry. Many couples opt to have something special engraved inside their wedding bands such as their wedding date or the date they first met. Others find a ring style they like and modify it slightly with the addition of more stones or the alteration of other features.

Mixing metals; changing stone shape, setting and band styles; and using gemstones are some simple ways you can customize your wedding ring sets. On the other hand, you could get truly unique wedding rings by having custom pieces designed from scratch. Customization means your wedding rings can be as special as the relationship the two of you share.

The Wedding Ring Shop can customize all your wedding jewelry, including engagement rings and wedding bands, to reflect the uniqueness of your relationship. Customizing your wedding bands should be a fun and enjoyable experience that adds to the happiness of this special time in your lives. Enlist the help of a quality jewelry designer, including our own in-house jeweler and our partners like award-winning designer Noam Carver, to create your custom wedding rings.

There are many benefits to creating a custom designed wedding ring set with a reputable jewelry designer. First, you have the expertise of a professional who not only helps you choose the best styles but who also determines which aspects of your ideas may work and which may not. An expert jewelry designer can tailor your design to your budget and will have suggestions for ways to stay within it.

Before meeting with your jeweler, it's a good idea to sketch out what you want, even if it's only a basic plan. If drawing isn't your thing, collect pictures from the web. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram have a multitude of wedding ring photos and can help you to determine what styles you like. Or, visit our blog to learn our Top 10 tips for buying an engagement ring, the pros and cons of precious and alternative metals, and all about engagement ring and wedding band settings.



While factors such as size, style and appearance are considered paramount when choosing wedding and engagement rings, the meaning behind the jewelry is also an essential element. According to a 2013 Wedding Wire survey, while 86% of brides rated the overall style of their ring as the most important feature, over 58% rated the sentimental nature of the ring as an equally important factor. Customizing your wedding ring not only adds uniqueness to your jewelry, but it also increases its sentimental value.

Your custom-made wedding rings won't only be special to you and your spouse today but also to future generations. Wedding rings become precious family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. Custom touches such as engraved dates or gemstones add to the sentimental value of the jewelry and offer the opportunity to pass down the details of your love story long into the future.

While every wedding ring is special, a custom designed ring tells a story all its own. One of a kind rings garner attention and can serve as a topic of conversation for years to come. Above all, no one will have a ring that is exactly like yours. A custom designed wedding band set is a unique symbol of the relationship between you and your spouse and represents your individual interests and personalities.

If you know what you want but are unable to find it or want something that no one else will have, then you should consider designing a custom ring.

Although no one wants to think about their ring or stone getting lost or stolen, these things happen. While you should make sure to take pictures of your rings and insure them, custom rings offer unique features that make them easier to identify if an unfortunate event such as this happens.


There are numerous ways to customize your wedding rings, from simple engravings to minor modifications. You can even create your own design from totally custom pieces. Customization time ranges from several days to several months, so discuss your time frame with your Wedding Ring Shop consultant. They can help determine the cost of your customization options and work with the ring vendor to ensure you get exactly what you and your partner want.

Customizations are well worth the time and money, as they present the opportunity to forever carry a unique memento of your spouse with you.


From special dates to song lyrics or meaningful phrases shared by the two of you, custom engraving is a simple and beautiful way to customize your wedding ring. Engraving options today go far beyond simple names and dates. Engraving can be done on the inside or outside of your ring.

For all engravings, check that all words and phrases are spelled and worded correctly before giving them to your engraver. Make sure your names and dates are correct as well. Not many things would be more unfortunate than an incorrect name or wedding date inscribed onto your ring for eternity. It's equally as important to inspect your ring after having it engraved to be sure everything is correct.

Traditional engraving methods aren't the only ways to customize your wedding rings. Our featured designers offer personal and meaningful engraving options. For example, if you purchase a wedding band designed by Christian Bauer, you could get the engraving done in your future spouse's handwriting. 



Many ring designers have standard styles in their wedding ring line meant for a particular shape and style of stone. Designers will work with jewelers and customers to offer simple customizations such as changing the shape of the stone and setting to accommodate their preferences.

The Wedding Ring Shop can work with you to make sure you get the ring of your dreams with customizations such as adding a row of halo diamonds around your stone or changing the metal out of which your ring is made. Popular metals used in wedding rings include white and yellow gold, platinum and palladium. Many couples opt for these types of simple customizations that give them a unique ring without designing one from scratch. Your Wedding Ring Shop diamond consultant can educate you about key features of your ring, such as the cut and clarity of your stones and the types of available settings. They know which styles best complement each other and what features best work with your lifestyle.

Changing the shape of your center stone is another way to customize the look of your ring. While the round solitaire shape remains the most popular, many couples frequently select fancy cut diamonds such as marquise, oval, emerald cut and princess cut. Altering the band style is another way to transform your wedding ring while keeping the stone traditional. Popular choices include pave, channel set and even simple metal bands.

Incorporating unique gemstones into your wedding rings is another avenue for personalization. They can be used as your center stone or inlaid into the shank or setting of your band. Birthstones and gemstones can be chosen for a particular color you or your spouse likes or to signify the month you met or wed. They can symbolize the birth months of you, your spouse or your children or represent certain qualities of your relationship and marriage. The decision to incorporate them into your wedding jewelry ultimately depends on your preference.



Perhaps you and your future spouse want to create a matching wedding band set that is unique to the two of you, or maybe you've searched fruitlessly for the perfect engagement ring to no avail. Or possibly, you would like to use the stone from a beloved family member's wedding ring. Rather than tweak existing designs, many go for complete customization of their rings, starting a design from scratch.

One common reason couples want custom-designed wedding rings is to reflect their interests and hobbies. Lashbrook Designs has worked with jewelers around the country to create truly custom pieces, including a wedding band with an embedded guitar string for a musician and a band inspired by a camera lens for a photography buff. They even incorporate unique materials such as meteorite and hardwoods. Browse our selection of Lashbrook rings on our website, or schedule an appointment with your Wedding Ring Shop consultant to create a custom band all your own!

We'll work with our design partners to create a ring or bridal set tailored to your exact specifications. Share with us your budget, time frame and style. From there, we'll assist you in selecting and finalizing all the other details.

You will be provided with computer-generated or hand-drawn prototypes at which time you will decide upon the final details. The entire process could take up to a few months, so consider that when planning; however, your Wedding Ring Shop consultant will do his/her best to ensure your customized wedding rings will completed by your specified date.



In Wedding Wire's 2013 jewelry survey, it was revealed over 23% of couples choose to purchase their rings at a local jewelry store. While the internet can be a helpful resource in your ring shopping journey, nothing beats being able to visit a jewelry store and try on different styles to see which ones look good on you and your partner.

The Wedding Ring Shop is locally-owned by third generation kama'aina and offers a personalized customer experience. While you can start your journey online by browsing our engagement rings and wedding bands, we highly encourage you to schedule a consultation with our trained experts so you can see and feel our designs in person!



If you are located in the beautiful state of Hawaii and looking to customize, engrave or even completely design your wedding bands, look no further than The Wedding Ring Shop. At The Wedding Ring Shop, our kama'aina family is proud to offer a large variety of cuts, styles, designers and customization options. We invite you to come in and visit our industry leading Design Center and meet our talented in-house jeweler.

We offer a lifetime diamond warranty that includes complimentary cleaning and inspection of your rings for life. Schedule an appointment today or check out our website to RSVP for one of our monthly events. We consider our customers our ohana, and we look forward to maintaining a lifetime relationship with you.


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