Eye-Catching Jewelry To Make A Statement With

March 5th, 2022

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Fashion jewelry is one of the best mediums through which to express creativity through an outfit. Through vibrant gemstones, dazzling metalwork, and new age silhouettes, it is easy to imbue looks with personality and flair. Our experts at The Wedding Ring Shop have put together a guide to some of the styles of jewelry you can utilize to embolden your ensembles.

Bright Fashion Rings

Give your look a touch of drama with a dazzling set of extravagant fashion rings. These large, focal point pieces draw the eye and give any outfit a polished effect that comes with well-placed, well-styled jewelry.

Choose pieces with wide bands forged in stunning, polished metals. Gemstones are great for bringing a bright pop of color. An extraordinary prasiolite ring from Tacori features an alluring stone that exudes undeniable individuality.

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Edgy Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets offer a unique combination of feminine and masculine influences. The wide metal band of a cuff bracelet almost emulates armor, while the polished shine and intricate details give the pieces a delicate aesthetic.

Wear a piece like this elegant rose gold, diamond-studded cuff by Michael M to create a dynamic look. Pair it with a set of thick rose gold rings to offset the dainty bands of the cuff and create an elegant effect.

Dazzling Gemstone Necklaces

When choosing a gemstone necklace to make a statement, seek something extravagant and regal. A necklace featuring a richly colored gemstone pendant will bring all the drama and attention your ensemble deserves.

Pick a gemstone that complements the colors in your outfit, or choose a daring accentuating color.

Face-Framing Drop Earrings

No look is complete without a brilliant pair of earrings to frame the face and draw the eye to one’s most important features. Drop earrings allow for more surface area into which glittering diamonds or gemstones can be inlaid. With every turn of the head, these classic pieces will reflect light and inspire awe.

These tiered yellow gold drop earrings from Hearts On Fire are positively dripping in diamonds in a style that is fit for royalty. A pair of earrings like this will certainly not go unnoticed.

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