Fabulous Foods for a Summer Wedding

April 20th, 2017

Whether you"re having your wedding catered or have friends/family members helping with the food preparation, there are certain foods that are especially suited for weddings that take place during hot summer months. To make sure your summer wedding is a hit with guests, we"re sharing some of the trendiest ideas for food and drink below!

FOR RECEPTION OR COCKTAIL HOURfood-salad-dinner-eating

Cool appetizers are the perfect choice for summer weddings. When it comes to appetizers, think "mini." For instance shots of gazpacho served up in cups carved out of cucumber or shrimp cocktail set on cups of shaved ice are popular and refreshing appetizers during warm months.


In addition to cocktails, offer iced tea, lemonade in various flavors or tea with fruit wedges/slices for garnish. Opt for light, refreshing cocktails, like spiked cucumber-mint lemonade. Hibiscus iced tea with citron vodka and raspberry liqueur is a trendy new favorite as well. Your guests will love your drink selection!


Steak or pulled pork can be heavy food when temperatures are hot outdoors. Instead, consider fish or chicken prepared with fruity flavors such as grilled tilapia with mango salsa or chicken breast rubbed with chili-lime. Picnic fare is also a great idea, so you could include potato or mac salad, grilled or fried chicken served with dipping sauces, and a cool mandarin orange salad topped with raspberry vinaigrette. There are lots of options when it comes to light summer fare; just use your imagination.

For dessert, a sorbet is a great option as you can choose several flavors for your guests, ranging from lime and mango to raspberry and melon. Cheesecake is another summer favorite!


For a summer wedding, the secret to a successful cocktail party or reception is great food and drink! Stick to the light side and try some of the ideas aboveyour guests will be delighted.