For Brides Who Dare to Be Different: Colored Stones

July 2nd, 2018

Many brides-to-be have spent hours imaging the perfect engagement ring but there are a lot of elements that go into making a ring perfect. The ring's design includes the cut of the stone, the metal of the band, the setting, and many other hidden details you may not notice until you hold the ring in your hands. The most popular style choices, according to The Knot, include:

  • Round brilliant cut diamonds (49 percent of brides)
  • White gold (68 percent of brides)
  • Prong setting (32 percent)

Whether the groom is picking the ring out as a surprise or the happy couple is shopping for the ring together, the most important feature of any engagement ring is its center stone. The most popular engagement ring stones, according to The Knot, include:Print

  • A clear diamond with side stones (63 percent of brides)
  • A clear diamond solitaire (21 percent of brides)
  • A non-diamond precious stone (8 percent of brides)
  • A three-stone diamond (5 percent of brides)

Should I Get a Colored Stone in My Engagement Ring?

Clear diamonds might be the classic engagement ring stone, but every bride is different especially when it comes to taste. Some brides love the idea of having a ring that stands out, or one that is a conversation piece among their friends. Colored stones are an excellent way to make your engagement ring stand out from the crowd.

Stepping outside of the ordinary might be worrisome for some people. What does the different color mean? How will choosing a different stone change the price point of the ring? Will the bride like something other than a diamond? Each colored stone has different associations. You can pick a color based on what it means, or simply because the bride will love it.

Different stones, as well as the cut of the stone, the metal of the band and setting, will affect the price of a ring. If you have your heart set on a certain color or stone outside of the traditional clear diamond, your trusted Wedding Ring Shop consultant will work with you to find the right ring for your budget. Most importantly, if the bride-to-be loves the ring, there is no question that you have made the right choice.

We can help you navigate those questions and find your sweetie an engagement ring that will symbolize the love of a lifetime. Here is our guide to some of the most popular colored gemstones for engagement rings.


Aquamarine is a blue variation of the mineral beryl. It is named for its brilliant blue color that resembles ocean water. This precious gemstone can symbolize a number of different things including courage, hope, health, communication and youth. Aquamarine is also the March birthstone.

An aquamarine ring will likely be less expensive than a traditional diamond engagement ring, but the final price tag will depend on a number of factors. Precious stones are graded by professional organizations, like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and EGL USA, based on features including color, clarity, cut and carat weight. A more expensive aquamarine will have a deep blue color, pristine clarity, a cut that emphasizes the stone's brilliance, and a higher carat number.

If you are considering an aquamarine center stone, consider how she'll react to the stone's symbolic meaning. Will she care about the symbolism, or does she simply love the look of this blue gemstone? If she happens to have a March birthday and loves the color blue, aquamarine could be the perfect fit for her engagement ring.


A touch of iron inside quartz variation gives its signature champagne to deep orange coloration. Citrine's yellow color often lends itself to be confused with topaz, but these are two distinct types of gem. The gems are so similar in appearance that they are both considered November's birthstone. Citrine is often thought to represent prosperity.

Desirable citrine will have a bright color ranging in shade from yellow to an earthy red-orange. Any visible flaw in the stone will significantly decrease its value and therefore cost. When it comes to carats, citrine does not vary dramatically different in price. If you want an engagement ring with a large stone without a correspondingly big price tag, citrine might be a great option.

Some gemstones are more prone to damage than others. Citrine has a reputation for being quite durable. This can be a significant benefit for ladies who work with their hands and worry about daily wear-and-tear on their rings. Those who love the warm colors will also be drawn to this stone.


If you love the idea of "diamonds are forever," but you aren't crazy about the traditional clear look, you can choose from a rainbow of different colored diamonds. Different colored diamonds will mean different things. Red typically signifies passion, while green can symbolize youth. Blue diamonds can represent devotion and eternity.

PrintBlack diamonds have traditionally been associated with energy and passion. Black diamonds are increasingly appearing not only in engagement rings but also in men's wedding bands. Colored stones in men's weddings bands, not just black diamonds, are a growing trend.

Rarity is one of the biggest cost determining factors for diamonds. Clear diamonds are the rarest, which means colored diamonds will typically be less expensive. The priciest colors are in the pink, blue and green color families. Price is also determined by the strength of each diamond's color. The grading scale for color strength includes light, fancy, intense and vivid. The latter two grades correlate with higher prices.

Brides-to-be who love tradition with a twist will love colored engagement rings. Think about her favorite color when deciding which diamond to select. If you want to take into consideration her birth month, diamonds are April's birthstone.


Emeralds are a type of beryl, a type of gemstone that also includes aquamarine. Emeralds are known for their vivid green color and have a variety of meanings including fertility and a happy marriage. Emeralds also have a long history with royalty. Egyptian ruler Cleopatra was known for her love of the green gemstones. Iconic actress and film royalty Elizabeth Taylor also had a number of Emerald pieces in her world-famous jewelry collection. The emerald is also May's birthstone

The color is the most important factor when it comes to pricing an emerald. Pure green or bluish green will be the most valuable varieties of this gemstone. Cut and clarity also play a role, but carat weight is the next most important factor. The cost of the stone can steeply increase with its size.

Emerald engagement could be perfect for brides who favor dramatic, striking colors. The bright green of these stones is sure to stand out.


Garnets are most often thought of as red. The word "garnet" can even be traced back to the Greeks, who named the stone for its resemblance to a ripe, red pomegranate seed. Garnets come in a whole different gamut of shades, including green and blue. Garnets are the January birthstone. Red garnets are associated with passion, friendship, and loyalty.

Price will vary significantly based on the rarity of the garnet color. Green garnets, known as tsavorite, are the rarest variety, and thus the most expensive. Almandine garnets are typically red and the most common type of this gemstone. Pyrope garnets are also red. Other types of garnets include spessartite (orange-red), anhydrite (a wide variety of colors) and grossular (a wide range of colors). Carat size does not affect price as much in the more common varieties compared to rarer garnets. The cut and clarity of the stone also play significant roles in determining the price of a garnet.

Garnets come in such a wide variety of colors that this stone can be the right fit for many different brides. Consider her favorite colors when browsing garnet engagement rings.


Moonstones are a type of feldspar. These gemstones have an otherworldly sheen. The most popular variety is colorless with a blue iridescence. You can also find moonstones in silver, gray, green, white, pink and brown. This gemstone can be associated with good luck and lasting love. Moonstones share June as their birthstone month with alexandrite and pearls.

Most moonstones contain tiny flaws known as inclusions, which mean clarity will not be the decisive pricing factor. But, the fewer the inclusions, the more valuable the stone. The color is important when it comes to price, with a blue sheen being the most valuable variety. Price also increases accordingly with carat size.

When it comes to cut, moonstones are unique from most other gemstones. Unlike the typical princess, pear and round cuts, most moonstones favor a smooth cut without facets known as a cabochon cut. The shimmer and smooth cut of moonstone engagement rings make this choice incredibly unique, even amongst colored engagement rings. If you think your bride will love the soft color and smooth lines of the moonstone, this engagement ring could be the perfect fit.


Morganite is another type of beryl, like aquamarine and emeralds. This gem comes in wide array of pink shades, perhaps most recognizable in salmon. The color tends to be more subtle, rather than strong and flashy in morganite. Since morganite and emeralds come from the same mineral "beryl" morganite is sometimes called a pink emerald. The stone is sometimes associated with the inspiration and longevity of love.

Most morganite has a softer color, so if you do come across a vibrant morganite engagement ring, it will be more expensive. The stone's cut and clarity also contribute significantly to the appearance of color. It is not uncommon to find large morganite stones. Thus an engagement ring with a higher carat morganite may not be prohibitively expensive.

Morganite is not traditionally considered a birthstone, but this doesn't preclude it from being the perfect engagement ring stone. Brides who prefer an understated style will fall in love with the soft hue of morganite. The pink glow of these stones is less flashy than some of the other colored stone options.

Available only during select trunk shows is this stunning, vintage-inspired morganite engagement ring by Noam Carver:

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Opals are perfect for the bride who can't decide on a single color for her engagement ring. These vibrant stones hold within them a wide variety of colors that create a mesmerizing and eye-catching display. Opals can have a wide variety of meanings ranging from light and love to spontaneity and inspiration. Opals are also October's birthstone.

When it comes to pricing opals, the pattern "also known as the stone's play-of-color" will be the most important factor. Opals come in such a wide riot of colors that no one color is more valuable than another, just as no one opal is the same as another. Instead, the brilliance and beauty of the color determine the stone's value.

Brides looking for something out of the ordinary may find just want they want in an opal engagement ring. Not only are the myriad colors captured in a single stone unique, but these stones are also often cut in different ways to best display their color.


Peridot is a beautiful, bright shade of green. This gemstone is August's birthstone. The stone is most strongly associated with the idea of protection. When you propose with a peridot engagement ring, you are offering a symbol that will shield the wearer from negative emotions, emanating a strong sense of calm.

Peridot is found in meteorites, giving this stone an actual out-of-this world history. Many of these stones have a yellow-green hue, but the most valuable color is a pure, grassy green. Achieving this purity of color usually requires a larger carat size, which means you can expect to pay more if you're married to the idea of that pure green shade.

Brides who favor the color green will certainly be attracted to peridot. You can find peridot engagement rings in nearly any cut or style.


Whenever you think of a red gemstone, a ruby is likely the first place your mind goes. These brilliant gems symbolize fire, passion, and love. July claims the ruby as its birthstone. Ruby is a type of corundum, the same type of mineral that sapphires come from. Rubies can be bright red or tend more toward a purple-red tone.

Rubies tend to be one of the most expensive colored gems. The purer the color and clarity, the more expensive the stone will be. Carat weight also plays a significant role in price. A large, high-quality ruby is a rare thing, and its price will reflect that.

Rubies are the ideal engagement ring stone for brides who have refined, and even glamorous, tastes. This gorgeous red stone is sure to turn heads everywhere she goes.


Sapphires are a type of corundum, just as rubies are. Different elements captured in the stone account for the variety in color. Sapphires are most commonly thought of as a deep blue color, but there is also a group of theses stones known as fancy sapphires. Fancy sapphires come in a wide variety of colors. Sapphires are symbolic of many things, including fidelity and wisdom. Sapphires are the birthstone for the month of September.

Princess Diana wore a sapphire engagement ring, the same ring which now sits on the ring finger of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Brides who hope to emulate royalty need to look no further than the sapphire.


Topaz, known for its luster, can be found in a rainbow of different colors including yellow, orange, pink, blue, green, and purple. A single stone can even reflect a different color when looked at from a different angle. This warm-colored stone is associated with affection and fidelity. Topaz is November's birthstone.

Red topaz, also known as imperial topaz, is one of the rarest types. This type of topaz will be the most expensive. Other colors will be less expensive. Print

Topaz gives brides a lot of different choices when it comes to cut and color, making topaz a great option for a bride who likes to weigh her options.

Choosing a colored engagement ring is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you are picking your ring with your significant other, select the color that you love most. For those who want the ring to be a surprise for the bride, take a look at the jewelry she already owns and ask those closest to her for advice in helping you pick just the right stone. When you are ready to start shopping, the expert jewelers at The Wedding Ring Shop are ready to help you find the perfect engagement ring for the love of your life.