How Hearts on Fire Makes the Perfect Diamond

January 1st, 2020

How Hearts on Fire Makes the Perfect Diamond

A diamond itself is a very special thing. Luxurious. Beautiful. Cherished. But not all diamonds are made equal. Hearts on Fire prides itself on making only the most perfect, rare, and exceptional diamonds, and the company has truly set itself apart in the process.

A diamond can be a big investment, and fine jewelry is something that should be able to be passed down through the generations. That’s why Hearts on Fire takes their diamond-cutting and jewelry-design processes so seriously.

The Highest of Standards

The cut of a diamond is perhaps its most important aspect. Hearts on Fire sources the most pristine diamonds in the world and perfected its cutting process so that they have diamonds “whose brilliance is matched only by the women who wear them,” according to the company.

Only 1/10 of 1% of the world’s rough diamonds pass the standards to become a Hearts on Fire diamond. All Hearts on Fire diamonds are ethically-sourced and knot-free. And less than 1% of the world’s 1.5 millions diamond cutters—about 400 of them— are qualified to cut diamonds for the company.

The name Hearts on Fire comes from the heart and fireburst patterns cut into their diamonds that are visible under magnification. There is a ring of eight hearts on the bottom of the stone and a symmetrical fireburst on the top. It takes four times longer to cut one of the company’s diamonds than a regular one.

Exquisite Bridal Jewelry

Hearts On Fire Bridal Jewellery in Hawaii

Of course, the number one thing these beautiful Hearts on Fire diamonds are used for are their engagement rings. Notable collections include:

  • Lorelei: A vibrant yet feminine collection that integrates modern trends into designs that portray a timeless, elegant feel
  • Beloved: A beautiful cluster floral design featuring a center stone surrounded in a halo of diamonds, creating a sparkle like no other.
  • Destiny: A truly classic design in which a Hearts on Fire round diamond takes center stage.

Hearts on Fire Wedding Bands Hawaii

Naturally, after the engagement ring comes the wedding bands. Heart on Fire’s wedding rings are a marriage of art and science, and designed with the needs of their brides in mind. They also offer stunning wedding bands for men. Hearts on Fire wedding bands that are especially popular include:

  • Acclaim: A diamond-encrusted band and crown that create the perfect center stage for a Hearts on Fire diamond.
  • Destiny: An understated but sparkling diamond band that complements the Destiny engagement ring perfectly.

Hearts on Fire doesn’t just use their gorgeous diamonds for bridal jewelry. They also have a vast array of fashion rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces crafted with their signature cut diamonds and top-quality 18k metals. Perfect if you’re looking for a new piece to treat yourself or a special gift for a special someone.

See Hearts on Fire for Yourself

The Wedding Ring Shop is a perfect retailer for Hearts on Fire, because owner Michael Han knows how important wedding rings are. It’s more than a ring. It’s a promise. It’s a dream. It symbolizes everlasting love.

To truly appreciate how beautiful a Hearts on Fire diamond is, they must be seen in person. Stop in to our jewelry store to see the collection, and let our expert staff help you find the perfect piece of jewelry for you!