Planning Your Wedding on a Budget

April 8th, 2017

Many couples spend a substantial portion of their wedding budget on the engagement ring and wedding bands. Consider this expense an investment, as quality makes all the difference in the beauty of your rings and how well they will stand the test of time. It may be necessary to save in other areas, especially those that will only last temporarily. We've included a few tips below to help you save on food, catering and drinks!

1) Cater Your Wedding Food Yourself

Instead of hiring a caterer, do it yourself. Of course you can't make all of the dishes yourself, but friends and family members may be happy to help create the meal, especially if you consider it their wedding gift to you. By having several people chip in and help with preparing the food, you can save a bundle on catering. pexels-photo-101554 (1)

2) Opt For a Nice Restaurant For the Reception

Consider having your reception in a nice restaurant. Receptions held at other venues usually require renting chairs, tables, utensils, etc. the costs can really add up! Some restaurants have separate rooms they'll reserve for large groups, and many don't charge rental fees for the rooms.

3) Choose a Buffet over Plated Meals

If you're having your wedding catered, choose buffet style rather than a sit down meal. For large weddings, sit down meals where all of the guests are served multiple courses usually cost more than a buffet where everyone serves themselves, so you may want to research catering companies or venues that offer buffets.

4) Host a Cocktail Reception with Hors d'Oeuvres

Consider a cocktails reception. If your reception will be held during a time of day or night after guests have already eaten (such as 2 p.m. or 8 p.m.), you may want to consider a cocktails-only reception. The key to success here is hosting your reception at a time you know your guests won't be hungry so that they don't leave to go find food. Or, you could offer light hors d'oeuvres/pupus to accompany the cocktails.

5) Go Casual with a Backyard BBQ

If the weather will be gorgeous, why not have a backyard barbecue? Enjoying the beautiful outdoor weather and grilling steak, chicken, seafood or even burgers can be so much fun, not to mention easier on your budget! Your guests may even think it's a fun idea for everyone to cook their own entrees.


These are just a few easy ways to save on the F&B aspect of your wedding. We know costs can mount, so it's important for many couples to save any way they can, especially on things that last temporarily.

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