Our trained staff at The Wedding Ring Shop are happy to professionally inspect and clean your diamond any time you visit our store. All customers who purchase diamonds from The Wedding Ring Shop can enjoy complimentary inspections and cleanings. We carefully examine your ring under our microscopes to ensure that all your diamonds are secure and settings are in place. Then, our professional staff polishes your ring (depending on the the metal) and cleans it with state-of-the-art technology to loosen dirt buried deep in your ring. Please contact us for a price quote on diamonds that were not purchased at The Wedding Ring Shop. In between professional cleanings, you can maintain your diamond's maximum brilliance by cleaning regularly. Just follow these simple guidelines:

1. Use a specially formulated jewelry cleaner (available at The Wedding Ring Shop).

2. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush to gently remove dirt and debris from the nooks and crannies of your ring.

3. Rinse your ring carefully under running water.

4. Dry your ring with a clean, lint-free cloth.



Jewelry may be designed with materials that can last the span of a lifetime, but that and the love that we invest in our pieces aren’t enough to keep jewelry from collecting grime, patina, or tarnish. While in most cases, issues of cleanliness don’t do permanent damage to jewelry, it can be irritating to compare the current state of your engagement ring, for example, with how you know it truly looks. To that end, The Wedding Ring Shop is always happy to assist our customers with professional cleaning and inspection services! No matter what kind of jewelry you own—from gold and diamonds to silver and pearls—you can be confident that we’ve got the expertise to treat your pieces with the respect they’re owed.


Honolulu guests are always welcome to visit our showroom to inquire into cleaning services, and those who’ve purchased diamonds from us can take advantage of complimentary cleaning and polishing whenever needed. When you bring your jewelry into The Wedding Ring Shop, that’s the first step in a thorough process made to ensure that your pieces are 100 percent clean when they’re returned to you. We begin by examining your jewelry under a high-powered microscope to determine if there’s any damage that we can repair for you.

If there isn’t any damage, we continue by polishing the metal. Silver, gold, and platinum (as well as more exotic metals) require different methods to which we’re scrupulous in adhering. We then clean the stones and settings. For diamonds, we’re scrupulous in ensuring that every facet is polished to a sparkling sheen, and even with softer stones, such as opals and pearls, we’re conscientious about using cleaning protocols that ensure the longevity of these delicate gems. Plus, even with complex settings like channel or micro-pave, you can trust that our team will get into each nook and cranny to clean your piece!


Since 1987, The Wedding Ring Shop has been a fixture of the Honolulu jewelry scene, and decades’ worth of customers have found the perfect piece of bridal jewelry for their tastes at our showroom. We showcase collections from the top names in the industry, including Tacori, Noam Carver, and Michael M, but what sets us apart is our commitment to our customers. Our services are geared entirely toward ensuring that our customers always leave our showroom happy, and that includes expert cleaning. If you’re interested in learning more about the services we offer at The Wedding Ring Shop, call us today at 1 (808) 400-1599 or visit us in Honolulu, Hawaii!