As part of the 4 C’s of diamonds video series, we are discussing a diamond’s cut. Most think of the cut as the shape of the diamond—oval, round, etc—when it actually refers to a diamond’s ability to interact with light. This adds to a diamond’s sparkle and beauty.

A cut’s quality is determined by the jeweler's judgment, skill, and workmanship in creating a superior effect. The first thing a diamond cutter focuses on is creating symmetry within the stone to maximize a diamond’s brilliance.

Ideal portions were calculated by a renowned mathematician, Marcel Tolkowsky, to reflect the most light. These principles developed the round brilliant cut, the most sought-after and desired diamond shape today. As a general rule of thumb, most diamonds are judged against Tolkowsky’s rules of proportion.

After cutting down a stone to the desired form they are going for, a diamond cutter must properly polish the gem to ensure smooth facets. These aspects combine to create the overall quality of a diamond’s cut. Working with a trusted jeweler, such as The Wedding Ring Shop, is the only way to promise that your diamond cut will have a lasting radiance to enjoy for many years to come.