Engagement Ring Cleaning Guide

Engagement Ring Care from Experts at The Wedding Ring Shop

An engagement ring is more than just a ring:  it's a promise. It's a dream. A hope. An opening chapter. And – above all – love. As such, it should be properly taken care of so it can remain brilliant forever. Like marriage, it’s important to keep engagement rings in good condition. Our experts at The Wedding Ring Shop have some tips for cleaning your engagement ring.

How to Clean an Engagement Ring at Home

All jewelry gets dirty. From soaps and lotions to sweat and humidity, our environment can cause grime buildup on a ring. Cleaning your engagement ring starts simply with a bowl of warm water and soap. Submerge the ring in the suds and let it sit for 20-40 minutes, depending on the state of the ring. If there’s any residue, brush it with a soft toothbrush using gentle motions. After taking your engagement ring out of the sudsy water, give it another rinse under hot running water to ensure there is no soap left. Dry your engagement ring with a microfiber cloth to keep water spots from drying on the diamonds and dulling the shine. With a little effort, you can keep this beautiful ring clean and sparkling.

What Not to Use When Cleaning Your Engagement Ring

While jewelry lasts forever, be careful not to use the wrong cleaning products. Diamonds are ever-lasting, but precious metals are more delicate. That means no acetone, alcohol, or bleach. These can cause the ring to tarnish and lose its rich color. Baking soda and powder-based cleaners are not ideal, either. Note that the aforementioned soft brush is essential. Hard-bristled brushes and scrub pads can scratch the metal, especially if it is made of gold, which is easily scratched. If you carefully pick the right cleaning materials and do it the right way, your engagement ring can last a lifetime.

How Often Should You Clean Your Ring?

Soaking your engagement ring a couple of times a month should keep it clean, barring catastrophe (such as gardening or painting mishaps). Once a week is ideal, especially if you wear it daily. You don’t want to allow grime or dirt build-up, as it not only looks bad and dulls the diamonds, but over time, it could actually displace the metal or loosen the prongs. For a more in-depth clean, bring it to a local jewelry store around twice a year so that they can clean all of the ring’s nooks and crannies through their professional services such as those we offer at The Wedding Ring Shop in Honolulu.

Professional Cleaning Services at The Wedding Ring shop

The Wedding Ring Shop has been helping Hawaii’s couples keep their engagement rings beautiful for decades. With a team of experienced professional jewelers, we can make your pieces shine as brilliantly as the day you purchased them. To learn more about us, our selection, and our services, give our Honolulu showroom a call at (808) 945-7766.