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Introduction to Metal Choices for Engagement Rings

When considering an engagement ring, many couples focus on the center stone, but the foundation for each ring starts with the metal used to craft the band. As bridal selections continue to expand, the stunning metal choices available today are better than ever before. All precious metals are desirable options, but it’s important to find a tone that perfectly matches your style. Our expert guide will help you find the right metal for your engagement ring.


White Gold

White gold is preferred by many modern brides due to the metal’s innate sheen and luminosity, which can amplify a diamond’s brilliance. The bright white finish enhances the clarity of colorless diamonds and can even make them appear larger. Because of this, white gold is an ideal match for a solitaire ring, allowing it to dazzle all on its own. Although white gold requires cleaning and polishing, the sparkle of the luxe white gold finish is worth it. 


Yellow Gold 

Yellow gold is a timeless classic that provides an inviting warmth, unlike any other metal type. Radiant like the sun, yellow gold engagement rings will show off the fire within the diamond, showcasing all of the light-refracted colors within. Yellow gold has continued to maintain popularity amongst brides because of its enduring beauty and chameleonic tone. High-class brides have favored yellow gold since the 18th century, yet it has never fallen from fashion’s grace. 


Rose Gold 

Often thought of as a modern metal type, Rose gold embodies romance and femininity, softening the bright glow of white and yellow gold. A lustrous alloy of gold and copper, rose gold is stronger than any other gold blend. The distinct rosy shade lends itself to floral-inspired engagement ring designs with blooming halos or sculpted metal vines along the shank. On the other end of the spectrum, rose gold can also soften glamorous designs like double halos or split-shank designs. 



One of the rarest and most popular metal types for engagement rings is platinum, a naturally white precious metal. A platinum ring is the ultimate choice for brides who want the most luxurious option available. So it’s no surprise platinum rings often come in glamorous diamond-heavy designs. Platinum should also be considered for those with sensitive skin or an active lifestyle, as it is incredibly durable as well as hypoallergenic. Overall, platinum is an excellent metal choice for an engagement ring that is both gleaming and enduring.


Mixed Metal 

For those who dare to dream outside of the box, a mixed metal ring is a surefire way to stand out. With the freedom to create any style you want, you can have fun crafting a revolutionary blend of any two metals. The classic yellow gold and white gold combination is always a lovely contrast that is both majestic and grounded, while a white gold band with a rose gold halo is elegantly charming. Striking mixed metal rings are for the fearless trailblazer.

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